Wine at supermarket

Someone had to say it: if money was the reason, Finnish pensioners would have already moved in masses to Portugal.

You see, your 100 euros in Finland have long been worth some 160 euros in Portugal. According to a recent price comparison from theguardian 100 euros in Portugal buys you as much as 158,5 in Finland (2014 prices). A recent opinion piece in YLE estimated that someone earning a 2000 euros pension could save up to 50 000 euros by moving to Portugal. I’m sorry but that really is a paltry when you consider the purchasing power on top of that: up to 140 000 euros in additional value if you spend the full 2k a month in Portugal. That makes 19k a year for the first 10 years, and “only” 14k after that (or about 11k after taxes, for a monthly income of 2000 euros).Perhaps privilleged former CEOs move there because of the extra savings, but is hard to imagine regular people are not enticed to leave Finland because of taxes.

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