Os verdadeiros finlandeses deixaram de ser verdadeiros…Isto é, no nome. Pelo menos em inglês:

The opposition True Finns party, which made considerable gains in this year’s Parliamentary elections, decided on Sunday to change its official English-language name.

People with a knowledge of both Finnish and English have been aware of the difficulties of coming up with an English version of the party’s name. In Finnish, the party is called Perussuomalaiset; the first half of the compound word, Perus-, implies an adherence to basic, fundamental, and uncomplicated values, while the second part simply means “Finns”.

While it is generally recognised that the Finnish name successfully conveys a pithiness which appeals especially to the party’s main constituency, much of that would certainly be lost in any attempt at a very literal translation: “Basic Finns”, “Ordinary Finns”, or “Simple Finns”, and even “Rudimentary Finns” would all be reasonably accurate linguistically, but some time ago the party decided on “True Finns”, and the name has stuck in international usage, for instance by the media.
(Notícia no HS)

Deixaram de fora da lista “Regular finns“, possivelmente a mais lisonjeira das traduções…

E em português, irá a imprensa portuguesa adoptar o novo nome do partido, “Os Finlandeses”?